"My experience in working with MJ was the best I've ever had. I didn't realize that I would get so much more than a "decorator". She was incredibly creative and very intuitive when it came to suggesting 'just the right item or idea". That is the result of her ability to listen to her client and collaborate with them ... not dictate to them.

MJ is very talented. Her promise to her client is to help them create beautiful surroundings that are comfortable to them ... And she delivers ... Every time!”

Ro Breehl

"My husband and I decided to do something to make our adobe house, built in 1965, lighter inside and if possible less cramped in the kitchen and dining areas. A friend recommended Merri Jean Jones, so we had her consider the possibilities. Her visionary and transformative concept took our breath away at first, at the extent, but became very exciting and do-able as we considered it. Her vision was to knock out two walls between the kitchen, dining room and family room to create one big room, to move back the external wall of the living room to encompass the roofed patio and to greatly enlarge all windows, lighten the beamed ceilings throughout the house and create several skylights. We found a builder to carry out Merri Jean’s plans, but Merri Jean supervised the renovations almost daily . It was wonderful to work with such a creative and delightful designer throughout the process.

We are still thrilled with our transformed house which is much more livable for us and our family and guests, who invariably remark on how light and open the living areas are."

Nadyne Bicknell

"As senior citizens, we hired Merri Jean Jones to help us move our master bedroom downstairs for safety sake. Merri Jean made a small cramped space into a cozy hideaway where we can comfortably lay in bed and watch the moon through the bedroom windows."

Ann and Dick Bowler

"During many years of marriage, my wife always made the decisions regarding home decor. After her death, I decided to remodel an older home, and began a search for one. I found exactly what I wanted, and bought it at once. Only then did I discover that I had no ideas and no experience for such a project. I approached my builder for advice, and was told immediately to speak to Merri Jean Jones, who, he said, was THE BEST. He was right. After my first interview with MJ (Merri Jean), I decided that she should have carte blanche to act on my behalf in the project. I never had a second thought about that decision, and the finished home is one of the most beautiful houses, inside and out, that I have ever seen. "

Jim Law